The final week of the class was spent working on french curves, linework with straight edges (lost that pice), and most likely something which quite possibly I put into week six by accident...  here is my French Curve practice.

...But the biggest part of the last week was when Ty gave us our full pages to work on.

We had the choice of two pages to work on but I managed to weasel him into giving me both pages to work on.  I inked through part of the first page without issue in class and finished the rest after class.

And when I finished that, I started on the second page. I have yet to complete it.

All thing said, I learned a LOT in that class. I'd recommend anyone in the Toronto to take it.

Comic Book Bootcamp
Week Six focused mainly on correcting mistakes with whites and on adding greys to a page in a greyscale comic. It has become really popular among indy artists who save printing costs by staying in black and white.

After adding the greys, we started using white paint and whiteout markers to correct mistakes.

 I didn't get very far on this page because Ty introduced a challenge I couldn't turn down.  And "What," might you ask, "Is the challenge you couldn't turn down?"

This sweet little number.  We were given pencils and were expected to ink them.  So I did. I inked the shit out of this guy.  AND, I'm not done yet. This is just the beginning. I'll post the finished piece when I finish it.
Yeah, I know. I've been super busy. I've actually started Ty's next block of classes, Heads and Hands.  SO, here is a recap of the rest of what I learned in the class.

I finished the rest of my homework before class 5. This was the day I was on the eve of being deathly ill. I hardly lasted the night.

First off, though, is the Swamp Thing I did. It's sort of a recap of texture, plants, water, and deadweight lines.

In class 5, we started with a smoke study.  I LOVE doing smoke. It gives me a happy.

After smoke came metal

And after metal was leather, which I didn't finish because I was starting to feel like I was going to die.

 I'll post a Ghost Rider piece when I actually do the work. I need some practice in that area.

After a bit of a breather, we quickly went over how to repurpose blacks on a page when the penciller asks for too much.

And the last thing we did before I threw in the towel was ink pictures in different styles.  The one on the left, even if it wasn't finished, would look a lot more appealing. It pops because the human eye recognises shape before detail. Cool, eh?