I've been really bad about updating this. I've been extraordinarily busy and was working on a buttload of commissions, so posting to the class blog sort of hit the backburner.

This is a sample of a few things I've done. First off, I'll start with Class #3

Class Three was the introduction of the crow quill and the needle quill, but before we hit those two instruments, we practiced textures of things.  The first picture is the apple exercise.  The first two apples appear as though they're cratered and that is because I was fucking up the concrete texture.  It was the one that I just couldn't handle.

Take a look at the pictures and try to guess what they are. The answer to what each picture is will be below the following image.

Concrete, concrete, fur, hair on skin, wood, sand, and concrete again.

Next up is an exercise we did in which the image needed a different texture for every item so you can distinguish what it is by looking just at that specific area.  We used different tools: dry brushes, markers, brushes, and were taught about toothbrushes and other items.  This exercise was also a way to show us how inking isn't tracing. The original sketch, as you can see above the inked portion, was a very rough image. It was up to us to make it interesting.

This is getting used to using a crow quill. The lines are fairly thick because the quill itself was fairly thick. It handles just like a pencil and was actually a great deal of fun to use.

Here is an exercise using the needle quill which gives you much, much finer lines. Again, it handles just like a pencil.

This is a mixed media exercise where we were to use the quill and the marker and the brush to ink Marilyn Monroe and Captain America.

That about sums it up for Week 3. Week 4 is up next in its own post.
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