Last night was the second of seven comic inking classes taught by Ty Templeton and it didn't disappoint.

We started off with marker, working on lines of weight and light.

Here's the worksheet of a Clark Kent which I didn't get to finish:

From there, we picked up our paintbrushes and started learning how to blot our paint and find our points.  It was a lot more precise but there was a lot of freedom and natural curves.

and here is my stupid cat getting in the way.

Once we got used to the strokes of the brush, we inked a Beast

Once we were comfortable with solid brush stroke lines, we moved on to feathering, which I didn't have the opportunity to finish.

Now, you may have noticed from my picture a couple captions above, of the ink blots.  The one before the cat photobomb.  The strokes on the left are just ink residue and the strokes on the right are what are called sawtooth strokes.  This is what we did with sawtooth:

It's best to use with hair and leather, we were told, but I'm sure I can find other applications, too.

Finally, we were to take all the knowledge we gained from the class up to the end of class two and ink a Spiderman pencil drawing.  I think I did a pretty good job.

See you all next week!
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