The first class started well enough. We started off by using markers, as they're the easiest, I guess you could say. My husband bought me a full set of Microns for Christmas, plus a case, so I was all set. I packed up with my pencils, markers, and a new notebook, and headed in.

Greg and I arrived early, as I like to do, and parked our butts in the front row. I don't like sitting in the back and prefer to be up front if and when Ty decides to demonstrate something to the class on the desk rather than the board.

We began to learn our comfortable curves by drawing a lot of arches, then we practiced on a series of curves: letters U and S, specifically, or rather, shapes that resemble those letters. More like arches and paths, I suppose.

From those exercises, we were given a Simpsons practice sheet (not pictured) to practice our comfortable curves on.

Onward from there, where Ty spoke of foreground, middleground, and background lines. This was a bit of review from the penciling class, but the medium was a bit different so I was happy for the refresh.  We were to ink a set of vines to indicate what is in the foreground, middleground, and background.  Here's what I did:

You may notice the uninked one to the right. I left it blank as reference as to what we were inking from.

After this, we were given a sheet that made most of the class gasp, mutter, or comment on. It was a bit daunting at first, but I was pretty excited to get working on it.

The focal point of this next image are two soldiers, talking.

The ones speaking are the one on the left leaning forward, and the one on the right, sitting to the right of the dude in the glasses.  Again, the inking clearly separates the foreground from the background.

After this activity was one more task: we were to begin drawing from the elbow to create grey areas with ink rather than colouring it through lines, cross hatch, or stippling.  We were given a scale of inking to work on, which I didn't get much into (but plan to complete for homework), as well as a picture to ink in the greys.

I only got about halfway through this, having only finished Supergirl, but the globe has been started. I think I'll use stippling on the globe, as I don't think that parallel lines would look as good as dots or other stipple effects.

Here's the work:

Well, that's that for this week. I have some homework to do, some commissions to work on, and some inking to practice.  Next week we'll be using brushes. EXCITEMENT!

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