Back in the fall of 2013 I decided that I wanted to really restart my art. It had been years since I was drawing frequently and consistently so taking a few classes to jumpstart myself and get the engine running seemed like a really good idea.

I did some research on the web. I live near Toronto, so I figured that there would be something available for people like me, so after a bit of searching, I found a small independent comic book school of sorts.  Well, maybe not so much a school as an industry professional who teaches classes.

Lots of classes.

I went for it. Comic Book Bootcamp with Ty Templeton.

My friend, Greg, decided that he'd take the classes with me. It's been a lot of fun to date and I really enjoy sharing the things I've learned.

So, without giving away the tricks and secrets Ty teaches, I'll be discussing some of the things I've learned and sharing some of the work that we've been doing in the classes.

Oh, and a shoutout to the others in the Anatomy Five:  Nick, Meghan (sorry if I misspelled that), Jarett (again, sorry if I misspelled), and, of course, Greg.  Story behind that? We took anatomy and it was just the five of us to start. Then, when Greg and I went to penciling class, they were all there.  And now, in inking class, there are still four of us (and hopefully five again when we take the next course!)

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